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GSPOT named HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2009
Fucking Incredible named HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2008


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VISC inducted into the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall Of Fame in 2009


VSC Photo Contest
Over $8000.00 in prizes given away so far.

Medical Test Packs
Ganja Lovers Special - $10 for 10 seeds

Pot Postcards

Kat's Cover Shot of Blackberry Click to see Kat and VISC's Second CC Cover ShotClick Here to download an article
about VISC and Kat in CC issue 66

Kat's Cover Shot of Ripper Click to see Kat and VISC's Second CC Cover ShotDownload a PDF of the VISC article
about Feminized Seed in CC issue 67

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