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This site is intended to facilitate the general public’s access to great Marijuana genetics from well established,
reputable Breeders. We strive to distribute knowledge that will enhance your ability to enjoy of one of
our planet’s greatest natural resources, Cannabis.

While Marijuana users end up wearing many labels, the simple truth is that the average Cannabis consumer is
someone like you and I. We are your brother, sister, mother, father, friend, co-worker, neighbour,
legislative representative and friend of a friend.
The people in this “group” we belong to,
“Cannabis Consumers,” have two fundamental things in common:

1) Cannabis benefits us.
2) We're being persecuted.

Cannabis consumers are, as a “group” one of the largest unrepresented blocks of voters in the world.
We can end the persecution of so many innocent people, have more affordable Marijuana,
and a more peaceful world; if we stand our ground and demand it.

De-criminalize Cannabis and we would quit wasting money ruining peoples’ life,
we could spend that money on schools, hospitals, medical plans, and reducing our countries’ debts.

Legalize and tax Marijuana similar to food, entertainment,
alcohol, tobacco, housing, education, and damn near everything else we spend money on,
and the income generated will change our world.

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