Having to choose “best” medical marijuana is a “Holy Grail” type mission.  Simply put different breeds work best with different symptoms and there are marked differences as to what works best for them from person to person. Following are three extremely beneficial breeds of medicinal marijuana. --- Try the VSC Medical Test Pack! ---

To make a recommendation for a all-round medical weed I would have to nominate Vancouver Island Seed Company’s Gold (aka Nagano Gold) as my candidate for “Best Medical Weed”.  Gold works well to help the body override the negative side effects of many commonly used medications such as loss of appetite, stomach pain and disassociation.  At the same time the body stone portion of Gold’s effects allows the body’s tensions to be released, the muscles calm, a feeling of relaxation is observed. It becomes easier to breath more freely; circulation is improved as oxygenated blood is pumped through the body expelling toxins and thereby helping the body to heal itself further. The enlightening effects of Gold, allows the mind to explore and wonder giving the user an opportunity for enhanced enjoyment of the environment around them. While the cerebral side of Gold permits the mind to continue to process information in a useful and meaningful way and thereby in this manner facilitates in the achievements of ones highest potential in whatever their day may entail.

Two more medical favourites that have to be mentioned are Lady Liberty from Liberty Seeds; Her independent high leaves you enjoying a world of intellectual creativity while diminishing your body’s stresses and pain. Another great breed from VISC called Rx which is another of their best selling medical marijuana seeds that performs impeccably both as medical marijuana and as recreational pot as well.

Medical users purchase seeds at 25% off the list price by
including a copy of their card when they send an order to the following:

PO Box 298
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Nanaimo, BC Canada
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