If you are detained by police,
the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that you are treated fairly.

My Lawyer said to have the following printed onto a card and Politely ask the police officer to read it:

Officer, if I am free to leave, please tell me so. If I am not free to leave, please advise me why I am under arrest. I wish to exercise all of my Charter rights, especially the right to silence and the right to consult a lawyer in private.

Do not ask me any questions, except my name and address. I do not wish to discuss anything with you until I have obtained legal advice. I do not consent to being searched; I do not consent to any search of me, my belongings, or of any place or vehicle I may be within.

I do not consent to providing any evidence or performing any test, except that I will comply with a lawful demand for breath or blood samples once I have talked to my lawyer. Do not photograph me or make any voice recording.

Please advise me when I may contact a lawyer.

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