Q: I've been told that cold weather will make cannabis plants turn purple. Is this true, and will any marijuana plant change colour?

A: Yes, and No. While it is true that some plants will react to cooler weather with a noticeable color change, not all plants will change colour. As well there are genetics that turn purple even when the weather is warm or even hot. It is noteable that with some plants the leaves will change and in others the bud itself will change colour.

In the following photograph there is a Blackberry, a Nuclear, and a KGB; all from VISC. The plant with the very green leaves and the dark purple bud is the Blackberry, the plant with the purplish leaves and green bud is the Nuclear and the yellowish plant is the KGB. These plant are in the identical outdoor environment, were fed the same regiment of fertilizer and, obviously, subject to the same temperatures.

Colour Range Outdoors
In the following picture of a indoor room growing a wonderful array of VISC and Liberty Seed strains. These plants were fed the same, planted in the same medium and subject to the same range of temperature. It is obvious that the range of colour in this room is both full spectrum and beautiful.

Colour Range Indoors
As you can see, temperature can effect the colour of some spieces of cannabis, however, it does not effect all genetics. There are many marijuana species that will change colour as they mature regardless of the temperature they are growing in.

Keep in mind that the colour will not change the overall potency of your bud. Enjoy the diversity that this great plants gives us. Having buds of a multitude of colours in your garden naturally enhances its beauty, and having a pot-o-purri of flavours will greatly enhance your enjoyment.

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