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Having purchased my first camera at the age of 10 I have spent years viewing the world through the camera’s eye; capturing both on film and digitally thousands of beautiful and breathtaking images. As a photographer and a connoisseur of marijuana my opportunities have been unique and exquisite. My most enjoyable photo shoots have been those taken in the fragrant gardens of mature marijuana plants.

There are many cameras in my collection both digital and single lens reflex, the Nikon F60SLR, Olympus  C5050Z 5 mega pixel and the Nikon D70 6.1 mega pixel cameras to name a few. Currently I’m shooting most frequently with my Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom.

I selected the Olympus C750UZ for the following reasons: high quality glass lens, 10x optical zoom, attachable lenses, and the ability to focus manually.

 I have always achieved greater clarity and precision with glass lenses and find them superior to plastic.  Enlarging an image using optical zoom increases the detail captured by the camera; a digital zoom simply enlarges the size of the pixels, there is no gain in detail.  The flexibility of attachable lens gives the ability to switch from wide angle shots to bud close-ups and everything in-between.  Manual focusing gives you the power to focus on an exact point rather than the focal point chosen by the camera software.

 Your image will depend on the quality and power of the camera lenses;  The additional lens used to photograph the images in this article included the Olympus AF zoom 63-63mm 1:2.8 -3.7, a wide angle Olympus 0.7x wide conversion lens and a set of Hoya macro lenses ranging in magnification of +1 to +4. 

I am pleased to present a glimpse of my passion for pot and photography.  Welcome to Kat’s Photo Gallery.

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